The POWER Partners

Of Southwestern PA and Northern WV

Focused on growing and attracting advanced manufacturing and related industries to the region, leveraging our rich manufacturing heritage, our region's energy assets, and new technologies. To support this growth and diversification, The POWER Partners are reaching out to coal and energy impacted workers to determine your interest and desire to transition into new sector job opportunities.

Dear Coal and Energy Impacted Worker

  • You’re the DEPENDABLE worker that always shows up for work

  • You’ve been POWERING this country

  • You’re DEDICATED to getting the job done

  • You’re our HARD WORKING and qualified SKILLED labor force

  • You are the WORK ETHIC that will continue to lead our regional workforce

You have been closest to the heartbeat of the coal and coal-fired power industries. We need YOUR thoughts on the direction our regional industries are heading. Recent changes in the energy industry, especially in coal and coal-fired power, are also bringing many opportunities. Please help us to better understand your current situation and where you would like to see things go.

Regional leaders are organized to make sure that the companies in these industries are stabilized and open doors to a future that includes technology and manufacturing. We need your opinion.

This website has been created for you by a group of people who worked in the coal and gas industry, just like you. We hope you enjoy our project.

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